When Things Seem Hopeless, Practice Gratitude

The saturation of stories about COVID-19 are endless. If you’re not watching the news, people are talking about it in your circles. If you don’t yet know someone with it, your coworkers or friends do. It’s hard to think about anything else. But, I’m here to tell you there is something else. There’s something more you can turn towards, and that’s creating a practice of gratitude as a lifestyle.

Asha Tarry
Asha Tarry, Life Coach

As a healer, I cannot avoid discussing this subject. Nor should I. I help people grieve, heal and live with intention and that includes discussing difficult topics. But, I do however work at limiting how much time I spend talking about it with others outside of work. Between the news, which is on a loop about it, to jobs sending COVID-19 emails, it’s as if nothing else in the world is going on but this. Yet, there are other things to do, and to talk about and most important, to be thankful for.

I’ve found that when people feel an intense amount of anxiety about catching this virus or worry about the outcomes of those around us who have it, it’s helpful to ground ourselves and take 1 moment at a time, as it comes. Here’s a few ways I’ve learned to do this:

    1. Have a daily or weekly gratitude practice. I started a group practice with my Facebook community 3 years ago. Take a look at these few simple ways we worked it into our weekly routines.
    2. Ask those you speak to if it’s okay that you also talk about other things instead of the current climate; things that you want to give your attention to in addition to what could be contributing to other feelings you experience.
    3. Infuse your calendar with inspiration and short-term goals. For example, set a block of time 2-3 days a week, for 60-90 minutes at a time where you go for a walk and notice the different looks of things in your environment. Then record it by taking photographs or sketching an image. This is an especially good time to take notice of the things that we typically overlook like beautiful architecture, flowers, sunrises and sunsets, and nature.
    4. Develop a group hobby where you get to share your accomplishments with others while also supporting theirs. I’ve seen people making some amazing, decorative face masks, learning about essential oils for health and healing and discovering new recipes at home to share online and with other people. If people didn’t believe in the importance of community-building activities before, they probably do now.

Whatever ways you design a life, in this new time we’re in, make it meaningful. This is the first time most of us have ever lived through a pandemic, but it won’t be the last time life will throw us curveballs. Let’s catch the ball and throw it back with something great that someone else can build from.

If you have a gratitude ritual, drop a few lines below. I want to share it with our community!

*This blog is about becoming free. It’s a reflection of introspective thoughts and experiences that have crossed miles of self-discovery. I created this blog to inspire others to live life with less self-criticism, judgment and openness to new experiences. May you find that you learn how to live a life by design and on your own terms!*

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