The Best Things in Life Are the Most Real

What you do repeatedly adds up. Every heard that before? It’s true. What you spend most of your time talking about, listening to, watching, or doing with your waking hours will accumulate into the results of or lack of results with your goals.

Asha Tarry, Life Coach

When I founded my small business, I wasn’t using social media as a tool to garner prospective clients. I was fearful of using social media. I didn’t understand how to talk to strangers online. I liked what I saw other people doing but doing it myself was a bit intimidating to me at first. Until, one day while working in the financial district as a Case Manager/Social Worker I met a coach who advised me to start using my Twitter account to share content and talk to people. He also suggested I use my photo in the profile instead of arbitrary photos of other people. I was hesitant for a while, but he said it would be a tremendous help to my professional growth. Eventually, I took his advice and turned 100 followers into 1,000 organic followers over the course of 1 year. It was incredible. How did I do this, you ask? I did a few things. I started learning how to create dialogue by watching what other people did. I also took a social media course. I hired a couple of professionals to work in my business and then slowly I began creating content on the subject I knew most about, mental health. Following that, I started offering mental health Twitter Chats every 6 weeks to educate people on mental illness, prevention, and treatment. The response was amazing.

As I became more confident, with practice of course, I moved over to other platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. I started networking both in public places and giving out my social media handles when I met new people. I took what I had learned and went back online and applied it. I got so good at it that I started meeting people and attracting clients. That’s how I later positioned myself to be recognized and remembered for what I do. As a result of the dedication I put into it, I garnered a budding relationship with the gifted voice over artist who recorded my first audiobook for “Adulting As A Millennial…Uncut.” As a result of listening to the audiobook, you will have time to reflect on the questions at the end of each chapter. Hopefully, it will inspire you too, to begin contemplating your abilities, talents, relationships, habits, and the ways in which you want to live a purposeful life. We intentionally create breaks between chapters for that reason. We wanted you to pause and ingest what you just heard before speeding on to the next topic. Take your time. Write out your thoughts. Begin formulating practices that help radically change your mindset, and then your behaviors. And remember this: transformation takes commitment, time, and desire. If you want to live a life you dreamed up, then this new audiobook is for you.

*This blog is about becoming free. It’s a reflection of introspective thoughts and experiences that have crossed miles of self-discovery. I created this blog to inspire others to live life with less self-criticism, judgment and openness to new experiences. May you find that you learn how to live a life by design and on your own terms!*

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