5 People Every Growth-Minded Person Should Have in Their Network

Asha Tarry, Life Coach

I can ask you who’s in your circle of influence and you may name everyone you know. But, if I asked you what do those people help influence you to do would it show up in your professional growth? Your financial value? Or your spiritual development?

As your virtual prosperity coach, I’m going to help you transform some of your lackluster relationships into powerful, mutually beneficial ones by sharing with you 5 of the most important people you need in your network to help you achieve a life worth living. Are you ready?

Here is a starting point to transform your life by transforming your relationships. My “Top 5 People to Know While Here on Earth”:

      1. An experienced financial planner. As you begin letting go of people, places and habits that no longer serve your highest self you’re going to begin seeing where else you need to upscale your habits. Hopefully, that will also be in your finances. If you’ve learned nothing else from this health and economic crises we’ve gone through every 12 years, I would say pay better attention to your money and where it goes. Begin by investing in a financial planner. And before you start making excuses, you can find one at your local bank branch, online or via LinkedIn. Whichever place you go, be sure they listen well, understand your goals or can help you establish some and give you preliminary homework to help you grow your income and long-term investments.

      2.  A therapist. While everyone may not think there’s a problem to solve or a trauma to recover from and that may be true, everyone has something they could learn about themselves. That may include their relational habits such as avoidance or dismissive behaviors. Or, it may include how someone deals with setbacks and disappointments. Whatever it is talking to a therapist is not like talking to a friend. They are objective, observant, have life experience and hopefully some wisdom helps, and they help you with uncovering the less visible things you notice about yourself. However, how your therapist and you work together depends upon your goals. And the number of areas in which therapy transforms your life depends upon the depth of the work you do inside and outside of therapy.

      3. A life coach. This is someone who doesn’t spend countless hours like a therapist does uncovering your unconscious or listening to your woes. They are specialized experts. They help you aspire to minimize, eliminate or create strong lifestyle goals that will help you live better, think more powerful growth-oriented thoughts and do more life-changing things that will uproot old behaviors, mindset and relationships and work with you to turn those things into incredible life-giving fulfilling dreams. They’re not going to babysit you. They’re going to push you into some uncomfortable places because you came to them to help you grow beyond your mundane or stuck ways of thinking and living.

      4. A spiritual practitioner or guide. I personally believe that this can be in both human and non-human form. Whether you follow a religion or an ethereal practice I have found that utilizing spiritual aides will help you remain grounded in faith that you can achieve anything you believe in and a gratitude practice that will echo into the universe a sense of belonging and healing that both the Earth and its inhabitants need. I also notice that it helps in times of despair, confusion and building a strong mindset when others and sometimes you, too feel doubtful. It’s a gift-giving and reciprocal relationship that’s worth every bit of attention you devote to that aspect of your life.

      5. A confidante. Everyone needs someone or something they can pour into. And again, this may be in human or non-human form. You may have 1 true-blue friend you go to about everything. This person is trustworthy. They hold your visions in high regard just as you do. They cheer you on. They believe in you. And they tell you the truth. Or it may be a spiritual amulet or alter that you go to and give thanks, or make an offering to, or speak to and request wisdom. Wherever or whatever you use, be sure it helps you get out what’s living inside of you and lean into it for comfort as well as strength.

*This blog is about becoming free. It’s a reflection of introspective thoughts and experiences that have crossed miles of self-discovery. I created this blog to inspire others to live life with less self-criticism, judgment and openness to new experiences. May you find that you learn how to live a life by design and on your own terms!*

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