Born This Way: Identity and Cognitive Dissonance

By Breanna Martin

Last month, the Trump Administration announced that they are considering narrowing the definition of gender to a biological condition defined by the genitalia a person is born with, effectively removing the US government’s recognition of transgender individuals. In the US political landscape, past and present, it is common to see the everyday struggles and egregious injustices experienced by various classes of people diminished by the cis-het white male mainstream. Now, in the age of “identity politics”, this proposed gender policy takes that age-old tradition to an extreme. Aside from the severe legal implications, this new policy represents an erasure of the existence of transgender identity, nullifying the lives of an entire group of people.

In these times, when we feel as though our identities are under attack, reaffirming the importance of recognizing and cherishing who we are is crucial.

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