Speed Coaching

30 minute session

This program is for individuals who need support at work, school, home, away from home or involving a relationship. The goal in speed coaching is to laser in on 1 area of your life right now that you are finding it difficult to manage on your own, you want to prevent further stress or disruption in, or need clarity in, today!


Couples Coaching

1 hour session

This program is for couples (hetero & same sex) whose relationship is experiencing difficult transitions and/or affected by life factors that adversely impact the relationship.


Life Coaching for Parents

1 hour session

This program is for parents of children and teenagers who are experiencing challenges with developmental childhood stages, uncoupling, and/or difficulty with co-parenting.


12-Steps Program For Creatives
Living w/ Anxiety & Depression


This interactive program which consists of 10-45-minute sessions for creative people who struggle with racing thoughts, anxious mood & difficulty communicating their wants and needs to others at home, work, or in their relationships.