I strive to provide each client with the best customizable life coaching experience possible. My goal is to help you cultivate your unique personal, professional and wellness goals that will help you design and live a purpose-driven life.

Are you feeling consumed with thoughts about how to transform your life?
Not an issue. I have helped clients get out of their way by letting go of the past and create pathways to activate their power in the present so they have more energy to live a continually prosperous life for the future.

Feeling depleted in your relationships and don’t know what to do about it?
That tells me that you don’t know just how valuable you are yet! But, we can fix that. It will take grit, but as a team I can help you identify barriers that have kept you stuck and guide you on how to expand the mutually beneficial networks that you deserve.

Has your mental fitness been compromised because of all you’re doing or not enjoying?
As a mindfulness healer I help people practice gratitude as a lifestyle. My work is centered on enhancing your joy so you can feel your best as you do your best!

Asha Tarry

A little more about who I am…

I’m an author, certified life coach and award-winning mental health advocate. I am also the founder of Behavioral Health Consulting Services LMSW, PLLC which provides consulting, counseling and coaching to creatives and small business owners in the wellness and entertainment industries and educational sector. As a mindfulness practitioner I’ve coached and consulted individuals and groups of people throughout the US, Asia, Africa and Europe on personal development, lifestyle and wellness. I’ve consulted with initiatives on maternal health, global workplace retention and been a writer and speaker for several outlets focused on mental health. My work spans 2 decades and includes working with families, couples, professional adults, millennials and people with anxiety and work/life imbalance.

My new book, “Adulting As A Millennial: A Guide to Everything Your Parents Didn’t Teach You” which was mostly written for millennials who deal with anxiety, imposter syndrome, and relationship challenges is set to transform 100k+ lives. The purpose of this book is to help Gen-Y create more joy in their lives, while also surrendering the beliefs that trap them from living in the now. In the book, I offer anecdotes as supportive evidence of my own transformation, as well as mindset shifts to help them develop new ways of showing up with more intention, compassion and confidence.

To book me for a t.v. or radio appearance, magazine interview or podcast, click here or email me at lifecoachasha@gmail.com.

Here’s what some of my clients have said about working with me…