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Asha Tarry, also known as “The Behavioralist”, is a trained and certified “prosperity” life coach (CLC) whose specialty is to help people create mental clarity and transformative new ways of living life on purpose! Asha has inspired thousands of people to change undesirable old habits into prosperous lifestyle changes; changes that have increased  abundance in finances, interpersonal relationships and careers.

But, life wasn’t always this exciting for Asha. Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in a large family, the youngest of 14, Asha was a shy and curious youth. It took time, hardships, a lot of support from her village and unwavering faith to discover Asha’s path to living life on purpose.

To date, she has enjoyed a robust career including working in both the entertainment and social services industries to becoming a certified life coach and psychotherapist. Now, Asha uses her years of experience and training to create transformative breakthroughs!