Asha Tarry

Hi, I’m Asha

and I’m a life coach who helps people create transformative pathways in their life’s purpose, relationships and wellness. I’ve worked with individuals from various places around the world, including Europe, Asia and soon, Africa. My work is designed to help passionate creatives develop a mindset and a lifestyle that is exciting, strategic and purposeful!

A little more about who I am…

After 19 years in the healthcare industry I began my career as a public service worker empowering people in need. In 2014, after a long stint of working in corporate and nonprofit sectors I founded a small business that presently helps individuals and couples heal from past wounds and workplace stress. As a thriving business owner and influencer my experience has allowed me to work with people in television, music, journalism, activism and performance art, among others.

In May 2020, I will be celebrating my 20th anniversary as a changemaker and what better time than now to make a deeper impact in the world using my experience, knowledge and passion to help more people live life with purpose and joy. Let’s stay connected through IG, Twitter, or book a Discovery Call with me and subscribe to my blog for weekly updates, tools and wellness services. I look forward to growing my Village with you!

Get a peak of what’s to come from my blog:

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