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If You Don’t Begin Now, Then When?

It’s been a few weeks, and several blogs later and I’m curious to know, what it’s been like to turn inward lately? Have the exercises in the worksheets been helping you to discover things about yourself you hadn’t noticed? Or has it been like other things in your life, just another thing on the “to-do” list?

The objective with these worksheets is to help you to pause, and take time to listen, investigate, explore, and learn about the inner workings of your life. Did you know you had an entire world of imaginary thoughts, ideas, and assumptions that lived inside of you? Well, I encourage you to welcome that. All parts of you are welcomed here.

Asha Tarry, Life Coach

In continuation of our work in this area, let’s work with our breath a bit more. I think we don’t breathe nearly as deeply or as consciously as we should. And as a result of that, a lot of people often have mini-anxiety attacks throughout the day because they feel the pressure of being everywhere at once.

So, let’s stop, breathe, and then think about what’s next. How about that, are you with me? Click here to begin.

And remember to drop me a line and let me know what’s been working.

Until next time Village,


*This blog is about becoming free. It’s a reflection of introspective thoughts and experiences that have crossed miles of self-discovery. I created this blog to inspire others to live life with less self-criticism, judgment and openness to new experiences. May you find that you learn how to live a life by design and on your own terms!*