Testimonial FBFrank is a 30+ year old small business owner of a personal physical fitness company based in New York City. Some of Frank’s clients include actors, life coaches and medical providers. When Frank contacted me for lifestyle and small business coaching he was overwhelmed with both an active professional and personal life and wasn’t quite clear about how to manage the frustrations of scaling a successful business and leading a purpose-driven life that has specific business goals, daily life structure and peace of mind.

Collaboratively, we developed a new healthy lifestyle plan that incorporated mindfulness practices, hired an Administrative Assistant to help with the business restructuring, and set in motion some very specific financial action steps. Every session, Frank returned to his sessions more active than each previous session and by the end of our first term, he had reconciled files, ended a 10-year bad lifestyle habit and was enjoying more things in his life and looking ahead to building an online and international community.

Here’s a few thoughts Frank shared with me about our work together: “What’s worked has been the combination of accountability, in-session exercises, having a space to process and your general approach which I find to be gentle, compassionate and patient.”

When my clients succeed, we all succeed. Frank, you make me so proud!

-Frank B.

Testimonial SO

Sandra was a 20-something year old career woman who worked for a major television network at the time that we met. She was a smart, passionate, vibrant Millennial woman who was at a crossroads in both life and love.

Sandra initially came to me for therapy, but after a few sessions, Sandra quickly discovered she was a much better candidate for coaching. As her accountability partner and coach, we identified several areas of Sandra’s life that inspired transformation. And as a result, developed a robust action plan, that in just a few months created a trajectory towards a self-possessed attitude, an end to an unsatisfying relationship, the beginnings of a career change, a new apartment and the launch of her consulting firm.

Sandra wrote in an article for Refinery 29 that “Because of what I learned through coaching I was able to start my own consulting firm.” Not long after Sandra’s coaching goals were actualized she left her job, moved across coast and is now living a life on purpose!
– Sandra O.

Testimonial P

Phoenix, a 40 plus year old mother of three and graduate student attended my 3-part workshop series on lifestyle transformation. During the initial 2 hours of group coaching that Phoenix joined, she formulated clear and precise goals that involved transforming her finances. Her vision was to recreate the family’s blueprint on money and asset creation. Within less than 48 hours from the start of coaching, Phoenix had begun the process of redistributing her monthly income. Nine months later, Phoenix called me to say “I exceeded my financial goal before my due date.”

Six months following, Phoenix not only reinvested her earnings but she increased her contribution, changed her lifestyle habits and has become the paradigm shift for the legacy she will leave for her children. Living a life on purpose first begins with transforming your mind and then radically transforming your behaviors!
– Phoenix B.

Testimonial J2

Joel, a quirky and brilliant young mid-30’s educator from Brooklyn, NY came to me for lifestyle coaching shortly after a breakup with his girlfriend. Joel, who worked tirelessly with school children from vulnerable communities was driven by a mission to serve others, while also supporting his colleagues and friends in similar environments to thrive. At the early stages of coaching, Joel was living life again as a single man who was experiencing unfulfillment at work, multiple life transitions and eventually life without work.

Despite Joel’s circumstances, he was steadfast and committed to self improvement. Week by week, Joel became certain of his direction and purpose. His passion for community service, mentorship and higher education were clear goals for our work together. By the end of our timeline, 9 months after our beginning, Joel was reinvigorated and more confident than before! He was also fully re-employed as an Educational Coach, in addition to being a Consultant for a youth performance program and had begun collaborating with peers on new ideas for state to state educational initiatives for minority youth.

Joel has said of his coaching to date: “Through my coaching with Asha, I was able to create multiple streams of income and do the work that I love and that gives back to my community.” It was a privilege to support Joel in one of the most challenging times of his life. At the end of our work, Joel and I knew he had conquered his fears, doubts and worries and found a new way of living a life full out, on purpose!
-Joel S.