Hi, I’m Asha Tarry and “I help corporations ensure their employees thrive, retain their best talent, and minimize employee costs by creating a culture of mental fitness in their workforce.”


I’ve been a mental health clinician for more than 20 years. And I’ve coached small and large corporations to develop wellness at work programs that help their employees feel seen, heard, and capable of performing work, with ease.
As a professional whose worked for companies that employ high-achieving workers to lead teams and manage clients, I’ve also known firsthand what it is like to work in face-paced, busy environments without the tools I needed to mitigate fatigue and burnout. That’s why I want to help more organizations support their employees’ health through proven methods that lessen burnout and turnover in the workplace.
I’ve spent the last 5 years of my career coaching & consulting professionals to perform work with more clarity, concentration, and calm. Now, I’m on a mission to help more companies provide effective & efficient approaches to employee well-being while professionals continue to work. 

A little more about who I am…

I am a trauma-informed corporate consultant, life coach and psychotherapist. I am also the Principal and CEO of Behavioral Health Consulting Services, a coaching, consulting, and counseling company that provides comprehensive wellness and personal development to corporations, employee resource groups, and management teams.

My approach to talent retention and job satisfaction aims to reduce absenteeism, burnout, and fiscal costs, particularly among Black and Latinx employees.

I’ve worked in mental health as a clinician for more than two decades, been a contributor to media outlets worldwide, and garnered partnerships with multi-million-dollar corporations, nonprofits, and schools to educate and provide resources on mental health prevention and transformative health care. Some of my clients have included ITVSA, Thrive Global, Renaissance, and Purist.

A little more about what I do...

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